Revenue Programs

ILC offers a platform designed to enable every organization to become self-funding, thereby relieving much of the financial burden experienced by schools and organizations.  ILC builds and maintains web stores for each participating organization, who will receive 40%-55% of the gross profit on all products purchased.  ILC offers a series of programs in order to best suit your organization’s needs.

The Team Revenue Program (TRP) allows you and your team or organization to purchase uniforms and equipment at prices less than retail cost and receive a portion of the gross profit.

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The School Revenue Program (SRP) designed for all spiritwear, academic, and fundraising programs.  This program is for those wanting to use the ILC platform as a source for generating revenue.

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The Mascot Revenue Program (MRP) eliminates mascot piracy; we will protect your mascot from being sold in any store other than your own. You will have complete control of your mascot and logos while being compensated for any items sold bearing your mascot or logo through other vendors.

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The Corporate Buying Program (CBP) is ideal for businesses of any size looking to supply their staff and employees with competitively priced uniforms, with your embroidered or printed logo.  You can purchase shirts, hats, jackets, bags, aprons, pants, skirts, sweaters, shoes, equipment, and promotional items.

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