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Interscholastic Licensing Company (ILC) provides the platform through which products are marketed to the public bearing the logo and marks of your local school, church, sports league or non-profit. ILC provides these groups the opportunity to create a new revenue source that capitalizes an important resource – its logo, marks, and mascot.  With the support of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association, ILC  licenses and protects the logos of its member organizations and schools and in turn, generates revenue to self-fund their operations and programs.  ILC provides a unique e-commerce platform that caters to a worldwide audience and currently has contracts in more than 25 countries.

Who Is ILC?

Our Company Mission
Our mission is to create an online shopping community to meet and address the growing financial concerns and demands of schools, communities, clubs, teams and organizations across the world.
What Does ILC Do?
ILC offers a platform designed to enable every organization to become self-funding, thereby relieving much of the financial burden experienced by schools and organizations.  ILC builds and maintains web stores for each participating organization, who will receive 40%-55% of the gross profit on all products purchased.  ILC also licenses logos for schools and organizations who wish to protect their identities and receive royalty fees from other vendors selling product featuring the school’s or organization’s logo.  Each logo is registered with its state as an official trademark.
Why Are We Doing This?
We are trying to solve a problem that has spread all across the nation.  In this time of economic hardship, budget cuts have become a plague for schools and organizations.  Academic programs, athletic programs, and the arts are often the first areas to suffer from these cuts.  Our program combined with technology is forever changing the world of fundraising and purchasing.  We feel that every budget cut schools and organizations receive could be offset by purchases made through their personalized and customized online web store.  Our e-commerce solution is the only system that shares actual profit with the school or organization.  The profit share is the key to ILC’s e-commerce platform.  The more that is purchased through the school’s or organization’s web store, the more funds they will receive.
Let Us Help
Aside from helping your school or organization generate revenue almost effortlessly, ILC also removes the burden and frustration from classic fundraising.  Typically, fundraising efforts begin with sending our children door-to-door to sell products to neighborhoods.  Then someone has to collect the cash and deliver products that were sold.  The time and effort needed for this type of fundraising is enormous and very difficult for many families to accomplish in this fast-paced environment.  Additionally, ILC makes the process of bulk ordering  painless.  If your school or organization needs supplies or uniforms, we are here to help.  Researching product styles, availability, and delivery times can be a hassle.  When you work with ILC, we take care of all of that for you, so now ordering can be done effortlessly from your office or home computer.

What We Offer

E-Commerce 75%
Product Customization 95%
Fundraising Solution 95%
Customer Service 100%


The Interscholastic Licensing Company (ILC) was founded in 2011 after it was discovered that high schools and institutions were not receiving the financial rewards on the use of their mascots and trademarks like that in the collegiate market.  Since its early days, ILC has been the guiding force in high school and team trademark licensing in the country. As such, ILC dedicates itself to being a center of excellence in providing licensing services of the highest quality to institutions, licensees and consumers.

As the market for high school merchandise continues to evolve, ILC will remain focused on the goal of protecting, preserving, and maintaining both the integrity and long-term brand value of trademarks.  Since its’ creation of the High School Mascot Program (MRP), ILC continues to branch out across the world by addressing the world-wide need for revenue growth in other markets and industries.